A Cancer Survival Guide

What I would do after being diagnosed before choosing a treatment path.

BREATH. Take a deep breath and repeat after me “Cancer is not a death sentence, fear is the enemy. God has my days numbered not doctors.”

PRAY. Pray all the time! I know you want to speed up but that isn’t helping the healing. Slow down and get close to God, ask Jesus to show you how to heal the temple that he designed. Be prepared to work for your miracle. Lay your cancer down at the foot of the cross!! The battle is won the tomb is empty. This is not our war!

LOVE YOURSELF. Take captive your thoughts towards yourself.  Cancer is not your fault, you are not a burden. Be kind to yourself, say nice words to you, learn how to love yourself. Read Brene Browns books on shame the root of emotional baggage. Love is the real healer. You are worth it. Jesus says so.

ASK FOR HELP. People want to help but you have to put yourself out there, get fundraisers going. Accept the help, it will come from the least expected places. Say thank you even if you are consumed in awkwardness. We are worth it.

ACCEPT CHANGE. Learn to let go of the “normal life” that brought cancer. You must change in order to live.

ENJOY EATING WELL. Eat what your body needs and do not become terrified of food. This is one area you can change immediately that will have a HUGE impact on your health.

SAY “NO”. Give yourself permission to say no, to rest and conserve energy and time for healing. Don’t over commit

GET INFORMED. Ask questions, look into long term outcomes, longer than 5 years. Ask about side effect including effects on the immune system and the risk of secondary cancers. Risk of organ failure.

NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR. Shop for a compassionate, loving naturopathic doctor who has lots of tools in their toolbox and are not controlled by insurance companies, can order various tests, help interpret and apply the information learned. Find a doctor who sees all of you not just the diagnosis.

FIRE doctors who do not like your questions.

GET SPECIFIC. Less guessing and more testing. Get as detailed as possible on what your bodies needs to heal. Look at the gut microbiome, parasites, nutritional panel, hormones, genetics.

BE SELFISH with your time and energy. Stop trying to convince family members and oncologists.  They do not understand and we are not responsible for changing  their minds.

CULTIVATE JOY. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy the life you are trying to save.

DETOX the mind as much as the body.

NEVER FORGET that this is your body and your right to choose treatments.

This is a learning journey, no two are the same. Have lots of grace with yourself, nothing is wasted.