Erin’s Test Results

If your interested in what these test results look like before you get your own or you’re helping in our journey and need to access all our test results this page is for you.

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Blood Labs

Keep an eye on your vital organs, blood cell count and add on other tests for areas like Vitamin D levels.

Blood Labs Folder


Stool Profile

Identify fungus, bacterial, biota and overall microbiome diversity. You can also get an add on to rule out or identify parasites.

Sept 2017 March 2018 January 2019


DUTCH Hormone

Many cancers are hormone driven and getting your hormones into balance is critical.

April 2017 May 2018 January 2019


Food Sensitivity

The Comprehensive Food Panel (IgE & IgG4) to identify foods that may be causing inflammation.

March 2018


Greece Test

Identify chemo and/or natural remedies more effective against your specific cancer plus measure circulating tumor cell count.

May 2018



A great test for identifying nutritional deficiencies and help update your diet to support your bodies healing.

March 2018

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