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Raising funds - It’s hard to ask for help and sometimes it’s embarrassing but with practice it gets easier.

Here’s a look at our medical expenses.

We were very fortunate to have “the best” health insurance money could buy, some assets we could sell, others we could leverage and thankfully husband has a flexible job. Even with “the best” insurance, out of pocket costs for the first three years totaled $237,233. $93,233 more than we could pull together ourselves. We were very fortunate again to have family, friends and supporters donate $34,273 (WOW!) that kept us going when we needed it most. We are blessed and grateful. We still had the heavy financial load of $58,960.

Thankfully all of the studying, testing and treatments that we did over those three years have worked and we are transitioning into a kind of maintenance phase that our own adjusted budget will cover. Success!

Sharing my journey has been both therapeutic for me and helpful to others who are going through a similar journey. I will continue to learn, write and share because we cannot heal alone. I had been encouraged to start charging for information but we’ve chosen instead to continue sharing everything for free and we also will share unashamedly the financial side of our journey. If you feel drawn to this cause and want to help with a financial contribution, it will go towards paying down our medical debt so that we can continue focusing on learning, sharing and supporting others.

Current Medical Debt Drive

May 2019
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