GET INFORMED - The internet is great but it’s also overwhelming and sometimes misleading. These are the sites and resources I’ve relied on.



A world-renowned alternative cancer clinic that has been like a second family to me.  Dr. Tony Jimenez is a researcher constantly refining his approach and looking for promising new ways to address different cancers and individuals. Hope-4-Cancer was the cancer boot cap I needed at the beginning of my journey.

VIDA Protocol

Theo Hanson’s approach to treating cancer by beginning with some basic tests and getting the microbiome, diet, mind and soul in order makes a lot of sense to me and I wish I would have started here.  A TON of information that I’ve found to be true.

Cancer Tutor

A great resource for natural cancer treatment and prevention information, including natural cancer treatment protocols and natural supplements.

Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors diagnose, prevent, and treat acute and chronic illness to restore and establish optimal health by supporting the person's inherent self-healing process. Rather than just suppressing symptoms, naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and develop personalized treatment plans to address them.

The Truth About Cancer

My own journey really started after watching their documentary.


TESTS – More testing, less guessing. Here are some of the tests we used and continue to use to help us get specific with our treatments. These are not cheap BUT they can save you a TON of money and time overall.

It’s critical that you have a qualified professional in your corner to help you read and un pack the results of these test so you can develop your own personal protocol.  You’ll also need someone that can write a prescription for some of these.


R.G.C.C. (Greece Test)

A great test to identify which chemotherapy and/or natural remedies may be more effective against your specific cancer by using cancers cells from your body.  This test will also give you a circulating tumor cell count.

DUTCH – Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. 

Many cancers are hormone driven and getting your hormones into balance is critical.

GI Effects Stool Profile

This can identify fungal infections, bacterial overgrowth, missing biota, and overall microbiome diversity. You can also get an add on to rule out or identify parasites.


A great test for identifying nutritional deficiencies and help update your diet to support your bodies healing.


Order the Comprehensive Food Panel (IgE & IgG4) to identify foods that may be causing inflammation


Genetic tests can help you determine if your cancer is genetically driven (BRACA1 1 / BRACA 2) and also give you insight into the cellular health of you body leading to better treatment plans.


If surgery is necessary I highly recommend Dr. Ansanelli in Long Island New York. Dr. Ansanelli uses a CO2 laser that allows for out patient mastectomies and minimizes the discomfort and recovery time. We flew across the US to work with Dr. Ansanelli and it was well worth it.



Asking for financial help is unfortunately an essential part of the cancer journey for most people but that also means you’re not alone and there’s nothing to be shy about.  My friend Ryan D. Luelf created an on-line course, Freely Funded, where he shares his experience and offers some great inspiration, information and tools to make this part of the process as stress free as possible.



SUPPLEMENTS - So many supplements so little time! I have read about, added and deleted so many different supplements that I can’t list them all but here’s a link to my current program that includes a list as well as links to all the supplements I’m currently taking.

EQUIPMENT - There’s a ton of different options that’ll get the job done which can make you go nuts sifting through them all and worrying that you’re getting the best value to get the job done. Here are things we ended up with and use.


Omega 8006

We (husband) spend a ridiculous amount of time researching juicers.  This one works just fine and was reasonably priced. Buy an extra juicing screen and cap so when you try to jam too many or too big a piece of carrot and it breaks you’re not out for a few days.

Sunlighten Solo Sauna

This was the sauna I used at Hope-4-Cancer.  I was paying a local practitioner $50 each visit and spending a ton of time driving to and from so this paid for itself relatively quickly.

Right now we still have a significant medical budget deficit.  If you found the information on this site valuable or were touched by our story and are able to help your contribution will go towards paying down medical debt so that we can continue focusing on learning, sharing and supporting others.